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The Tanqua Kuru Bicycle Race

The Tanqua Kuru Bicycle Race

The Tanqua Kuru Bicycle Race

Date: 26 to 28 May 2023

The last weekend of May 2023 will see Sling Aircraft and Sling Cycles management and friends returning to the Tanqua Kuru Bicycle Race for the third year in a row heading down en mass. A variety of Sling aircraft and vehicles will carry our team from Johannesburg to the Tankwa Tented Camp – home to the race and springboard to almost all Tanqua adventures.

Three years in, the Tanqua Kuru Bicycle Race is destined to become a classic – two magnificent days of riding through God’s own landscape. Last year’s race saw sand and gravel, rock and corrugation, zebra, eland, reedbuck, jackal and hare, sun, wind, rain and rainbows.

Now in its third year, The Tanqua Kuru Bicycle Race is a heavenly bicycle race through the harsh Tankwa Karoo. This year, both routes have changed entirely. The longer route will turn around at The Gannaga Lodge where a magically themed lunch stop will be situated.

The long route is really tough and suited for experienced riders or for those who don’t care and are happy to ride in the desert. The medium route is no gimmie and sends you way out into the rocky desert to bake. Will there be a Kief Kafé ready to refuel you? You betcha. Will there be a vintage fridge hidden with ice-cold cokes in glass bottles? Obviously. They are also looking to have an ice cream van parked somewhere dishing out the goodness. Day 2 is shorter with some epic hike-a-bike sections across three river crossings. A hidden Kief Kafè will keep you moist, as usual. Will there be banging beats played at full volume? Oh yeah!

We’re going to ride flippin’ hard. We’re going to eat like desert royalty. Some no doubt will over-hydrate in the Onverklaarbar. We’re going to light things on fire and shoot up some fireworks but one thing that we’re going to do more than anything, is to disconnect so we can reconnect.

Cyclists can be quite a vain and demanding bunch. Gravel cyclists, though, are of a different ilk – what a warm and wonderful group of people. A magnificent weekend awaits us all with each swearing to return on every anniversary.

See you there Slingers!

Full Information On The Tanqua Kuru Bicycle Race Here

The images below are courtesy of Troy Davies of Retroyspective

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